Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Vampires, Monsters, It's Just Ours Fears

                Tales of monsters and mythical creatures have been around as long as humanity was around.  They are drawn on cave walls, etched in stone, and written on hide or paper.  The column, “Why Vampire Never Die” by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan, discusses the reason for the vampire to endure the passage of time, adapting and mutating with the changing cultures throughout history.  Del Toro and Hogan also discuss the meaning of the vampire creature and what it represents.   Vampires according to the authors, mainly represents lust and our pursuit of being eternal or to live forever.  Unlike other creatures and monsters that remind us of our mortality.  Over time the idea of what makes a vampire, has adapted to the changing culture taking on different roles with the technology of their day.  Yet, we still think about creatures like the vampire to escape from our reality with all the knowledge that we have in our hands.

                I think that Del Toro and Hogan got their point across on why vampires never die.  Monsters and fantasy creatures are a way for us to create alternate worlds from the world we live in.  With our world changing all the time with advances in technology so would our tales of monster in our nightmares.  The authors write in their column, “Despite our obsessive harnessing of information, we are still ultimately vulnerable to our fates and our nightmares” (381), is probably saying with all our knowledge we still fall victim to our mortality and fears.

                One of the more infamous manifestations of our nightmares is the zombie, and like the vampires they are undead or living dead, which in a way it’s a reference being eternal.  Shows like, The Walking Dead, tells of a world of the living fighting to survive the hordes of flesh eating zombies.  There are also countless games and movies based off of these creatures and humanities struggles to fight them off.  I find the idea of a zombie survival situation quite interesting.  It would definitely be a challenge to live in a zombie infested world using only your knowledge and the fear of being eaten alive.

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