Friday, June 27, 2014

The Imagination of Disaster

        In the article "The Imagination of Disaster" Susan Sontag tried to show how the science fiction films could not be science but about disaster and is centered on the oldest subjects of art. According to Sontag, "The science fiction films are strongly moralistic." (Sontag 324) The pervasive trauma is cause by the use of nuclear weapons and the probability to have the nuclear wars. The nuclear weapons represent a big issues to humanity and the environment. Sontag points out that the science and the technology work together against the division. The science fiction films show powerful anxieties about the condition of the individual mind. Sontag makes in evidence the perpetual human anxiety about death and the nightmare cause by these films is uncomfortable close to reality. In certain cases, A strong invulnerable hero with a mysterious lineage comes to do battle on behalf of good and against evil. The science fiction films contain a vast amount of wishful thinking, some touching, and some depressing. (Sontag  327)
    Questions # 4:
     As an horror movie "Shaun of the Death" Ed and Shaun play too much fun in their roles. The movie has a serious characteristic in some point they need to act seriously, especially when they observe the zombie woman in their back yard, they made joke of her. As Susan Sontag makes in evidence in "The Imagination of Disaster" that science fiction films are not science, but disaster. Sontag's point of view may not consider in all dimension because the science fiction movies sometimes contain elements of science that make sens to the story.


  1. I agree that Shaun & Ed play too much fun and don't take serious situations seriously, but I believe that is the point of the movie since it is a horror comedy. Great movie nonetheless.

  2. I want to know more about how you see Shaun of the Dead relates to Sontag. Does it support or challenge her?