Monday, June 30, 2014

The Imagination of Disaster and the Significance of Science Fiction/Fantasy

  In Susan Sonntag's, The Imagination of Disaster, she rationalizes the need for the popular genres of movies, science fiction. The other states that the need for fantasy is from continuous normality and unimaginable terror, "fantasy beautified the world. In the other, it neutralizes it"(Sontag, 317), both of these ends can be found in science fiction. Sontag does a through job in complying references to reason with her model scenarios of what science fiction films have been following like an old recipe. In one scenarios she mentions that not all the aliens are bad. Some fight on the side of the human race for the better good and she mentions superman as an example. She also justifies why most people enjoy the science fiction movies more than the books. The favor of movies is die to the fact that we don't have to use our imagination to create the alien deformity and destruction of civilization which takes away the participation of enjoying the text. Not everyone has the resume and imagination of a special effects team member. With viewing science fiction movies you can concentrate more on placing yourself in the position of the civilians as well as question , what would you do if this situation were to occur?


My Science fiction movie of choice is Transformers, directed by Michael Bay. Transformers applies to some of the scenarios that Susan Sontag states , The Imagination of Disaster. Her simpler scenario suited foot. Black and white low budget film phase 1(319, Reading Pop Culture) would be correct in the fact that the hero is in an ultra-normal middle class house but the hero , Sam Witwicky, does not have a girlfriend of a family of his own. He was a normal teenage boy who witnessed a meteor shower along with the rest of his neighborhood and was stalked by a yellow chimero which turned out to be an alien mechanical life form whom later on aides the human race in fending off the evil mechanical aliens.
   There are many statements in Sontag's article that Transformers fit into the category but it doesn't fit in one set scenario and I believe that's in a lot of science fiction movies today.


  1. "There are many statements in Sontag's article that Transformers fit into the category." Such as?

    Also, maybe proofread a little closer, especially if it's already late ;-)

  2. I though that your summary was good.I like your choice of film for Question 4.