Sunday, June 29, 2014

The first Fang dripped with Blood

Dracula is from what legends say to be immortal. Many if not everybody believes that Dracula was the first of the vampires which I also believe. Some of the things that can kill or keep away vampires are garlic, wooden stakes, holy water, a crucifix, and being burned alive from the sun. I also believe that Dracula has the ability to turn into an actual bat whenever he feels like it. One of the abilities that I am like about vampires and Dracula is the fact that they can manipulate anybody into doing whatever they want which I forgot exactly what the ability was called. Another thing about Dracula which also applies to vampires is that their dead and they have no beating heartbeat and also they have no reflection in the mirror or any reflective surface. Because Dracula being the first of the species I could imagine the weaknesses that most vampires have do not apply to him. I believe the place I hear Dracula is from is Transylvania. As many vampires seem attractive I believe Dracula was no exception. In some cases is referred to also ask Count Dracula but I never understood what the Count meant anyway. Dracula has probably been called many names Devil spawn, Left hand of God, and also Daywalker. From the clothes Dracula wears a always seem to be a long dark red or black robes to symbolize a creature hidden in the night or evil. In some things I've watched and read I that Dracula well almost never go away because of how much the vampire influence is around when we watch current television and movies because Dracula started it all and without him these popular creatures of the night would be kind of boring to watch.


  1. A "Count" in this case refers to a lord. Count Dracula was supposedly some noble in the old stories living alone in his castle.

  2. Yeah, good info., Victor. He talks about this at length in the first 6 chapters :-)

    Cool pics, Mel.