Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The insanity of humanity

    The reading "Why vampires never die" by the writers del toro and hogan is about how different ages of time we change the most epic and more classic being of all times "Dracula". This reading also talks about how humans have a connection with the creation of such beings and wanting to be like monsters in a way.

      We acknowledge and see that vampires are created not for entertainment but for the reason we see our selfs as monsters and eternal beings that are outcast by humans in a way. Vampires are changed over time due to climate, and how society changes over time. The tales that were once told from our ancestress about Dracula and other far more scary beings become a symbol. A symbol that represents our nightmares and our fears. Vampires represent our fears of becoming cold or wanting to become like a vampire, in such a way that we want to be fast, have greater powers, be able to hunt. We can say that we want to be canibales because we desire the fact of  the Shed of blood. I mean I agree with this quot "whereas other monsters emphasizes what is mortal in us, the vampire emphasizes he eternal in us". This quot has brough me to the conclusion that we want to be mortal, powerful, we desire power, we don't want to be controlled, but have controlled by others. These fictional beings play a major role in our imagination as where we see life in a different prospective everybody does but if a sane mind can think of such evil to have these types of power scares me in a way.

    Question #4.
     As fascinating as it may sound to me, I enjoy the creation of the living dead as where the dead outrun the living, but how can they outrun the living if they are already dead, mind blown! Vampires play a role in my compelling desire to become as one, to be able to have a long way to live, not to worry about dying and other sorts of things nature throws at us. Imagination can lead to a world we would desire to live in, as we want, and who we want to be.

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