Friday, June 27, 2014

Patterns in Sci-Fi

                So has anyone thought about how science fiction movies do seem to be similar to the scripts that Susan Sontag provides in her essay?  The main point of her essay, “The Imagination of Disaster” I feel is to tell us readers that most science fiction movies just follow the same format or “script” as she puts it.  While it provides good visual entertainment for movies and serve as a good fantasy world to escape to in books, in the end it just gets very predictable.

                Sontag gives many examples of movies involving aliens attacking Earth and somehow humans fend off the aliens or help the aliens with their problems using some special weapon or technology of human design.  She talked about a movie called, “This Island Earth”, which the planet Metaluna is being attacked by an enemy planet and the aliens come to Earth to seek human help.  Sontag goes on to say, “… science fiction films is neatly channeled into the yearning for peace, or for at least peaceful coexistence.”, which I believe she has a point in most sci-fi film that involves aliens coming to Earth.  Humans would try to make peace with the aliens or coexist and if that doesn’t work it is all out war.

                I agree with Sontag's breakdown of science fiction movies that they do tend to follow a certain pattern.  It is like the movie, “Independence Day”, aliens arrive on Earth and hovers above all the major cities of Earth.  Humans first wanted to make contact and establish a dialogue with them but the aliens had no intentions of make peace.  Later after some one-sided battles in the aliens favor, the President of the United States accidently looks into a captured alien’s mind through telepathy, from the alien, comes to find out that they just wanted to consume the planet’s resources.  After a failed nuclear attack on the aliens, a scientist/reporter figures out a way to use a computer virus to nullify the alien’s advance technology to give the humans a fighting chance.  In the end aliens gets defeat by a computer bug and humans survive the alien apocalypse.


  1. "Humans would try to make peace with the aliens or coexist and if that doesn’t work it is all out war." Humans cant even coexist with other races, I don't know how we'll work something out with another species. Especially if they were to be more technologically advanced than us or more intelligent.