Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I say

The article "Why Vampires Never Die" by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan is a lot similar to Stephen King's "Why We Crave Horror Movies." The article is about exactly what the title states. The beginning of the article talks about how vampires came about. Two people, Mary Godwin and John William, created two monsters. The monster created by William, along with a folklore, is what we know as the modern day vampire. The article also mentions that the most popular vampire to date is Dracula. The article explains how the vampire comes from our personal desires (immortality, for example). The article goes on to explain how, with technology and time, the vampire evolved.

  I enjoyed the article but I felt it was extremely short. I liked that it was straight to the point but I thought it was "too straight to the point," actually. As I was reading the article, I felt like there was something missing. And that something is length because had it been longer, the authors could have put more details in the article. I think a reason I enjoyed it so much is because it reminded me so much of Stephen King's article we previously read. In Stephen King's article, he basically says we crave horror movies because it exploits our innermost, nastiest, disgusting pleasures and fantasies. That, I believe, is true. Just as how Toro and Hogan explain why vampires never die. Vampires never die in society because they are what people secretly wish to be. A lot of people wish to live forever so they can travel or remain young forever. Since that is impossible, we live out this fantasy through movies and books that involve vampires.

#4 response: A cultural manifestation of our "nightmares" that I can identify is werewolves. I thought of this while reading "Why Vampires Never Die" because in pop culture today, vampire versus werewolves is prominent. From the Twilight Saga to the television series Vampire Diaries, werewolves is also something that we live through. Werewolves are like our inner beast; our anger. We can relate to werewolves where they initially have no control over turning from human to beast on the full moon, they eventually have control over it. In the real world, we try to be in charge of things beyond our control. But in any werewolf movie, or even The Hulk, the beast ultimately has control of their own fate. I find both vampires and werewolves very compelling. From watching the Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, I find myself saying "I wish I was a vampire because I could live forever and run super fast. But then again being a werewolf is cool, too." I think that people find monsters or imaginative horrors compelling because like Stephen King said, it's our fantasy.


  1. Hi Aliyah ! I agree on what you said about the article being too short. I was very engaged in what both authors were telling the reader (us) . I also agree with your response to #4. I could imagine how life would be like if I was a werewolf. Vampires and Werewolves are very compelling.

  2. I see you wrote on your book as an annotation that you have never seen a movie where a vampire was a hero, and i have to say that the authors could have provided more evidence of vampires playing these roles to further educate us where it exists. For example, Edward Cullen in Twilight.

  3. Good on all points, here!

    Though your summary could have had a few more details before adding in your own opinion. For example, you don't really explain why they think vampires never die before discussing your own opinion.

    Still, I love all your connections to King, the Hulk, and television. Well done.