Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dracula...The Salvatore's...The Cullen's, and Count Dracula

What do I know about Dracula? Not much, to say the least. I know that Dracula is a fly vampire. I know he wears a black cape with a high collar and a gold chain. I also know that Sesame Street has a character based off of Dracula, Count Dracula who teaches kids to count :) He was one of my favorites growing up. Other than that, I cannot tell you much about Dracula but I can tell you about vampires because a lot of movies and shows today are about vampires.

Back in the day, (late '90s-early 2000's), to get rid of vampires you could use garlic and they couldn't see their reflection in mirrors and could not be out in the sunlight. But the modern day vampires like The Salvatore brothers from Vampire Diaries or the Cullen family from Twilight are much more sophisticated and fancy. These vampires are super fast, can walk in sunlight and it takes much more than garlic to kill them. The vampires in Vampire Diaries and Twilight, like the Salvatore brothers or Cullen family, are much harder to kill. To kill them, you'd have to kill one of the original vampires (that'll wipe out the entire line of vampires created from that original), they have to be bitten by a wolf (they're natural enemy), you'd have to rip their heads off and set them on fire, rip their hearts out, or stab them with wood. But the wood doesn't really kill them, I would say it puts them in the vampire's version of a coma. Once the wood is removed, they come back to life. Also, none of the modern day vampires look alike or act alike. In Twilight, there are the vampires who eat animals and the vampires who eat humans. Also, in a lot of modern vampire movies and shows, the vampires live among other supernatural beings such as wolves and witches.

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