Friday, June 27, 2014


I originally felt Dracula was about the first vampire in the world, the father of all vampires. I knew already he transforms into a bat at night to camouflage himself from society or to just move way faster. The Dracula that I knew only came out at night to feed on women he really found attractive. After sucking the blood of the women on the neck made a spiritual love  connection between him and the women he bit. Dracula is super strong and fast romantic and funny. In the old movie of Dracula it made him seem attractive in a creepy way. Dracula's teeth are super sharp like perfect miniaturized canine teeth. I use to see Dracula on Sesame Street when I was smaller but he didn't seem that creepy he seemed very nice. Dracula became a friend or teacher to help with counting. Dracula was always the topic everyone talked about being connected to the devil and very bad for kids to watch. Dracula in a way influenced how I found horror more appealing because down the line I watched many more movies like Dracula. I knew the way to kill Dracula was to grab a wooden steak and have garlic a cross light. The movie Little Vampire gave it a different approach that vampires may need human help to sustain their life and all vampires wouldn't kill you on the spot. Buffy the Vampire Slayer made it seem like vampires were evil entities that wanted to kill us so we had this superhero who would kill them to save humanity. Twilight made it seem like vampires were among us and we didn't even know it they can just look Normal but live for a long time. Dracula was like the father of all vampires as I said before.


  1. I agree when you said Dracula made horror more appealing to you. I'd rather see Dracula in a horror movie then in shows such as Sesame Street.

  2. Nice post! But where's your pic?!