Monday, June 30, 2014

Dracula vampire

Based on my understanding of the few vampire novels I've read and seen on television, there's a few versions of vampires that comes to mind. The first thing that comes to mind about vampires are the generic ones in vampire killing series that incinerates when exposed to sunlight and are weak to garlic and crosses. These same vampires are the ones that die instantly when impaled in the heart. Then there are the "pure blood" ancient vampires who are truly immortal, immune to sunlight, and don't consume human blood. When these ancient vampires sustain a huge injury, they go into slumber
to recover. Last but not least are the vampires from twilight who goes to school,sparkles under the sun and seduces young girls.


  1. What "generic vampire series" are you talking about because while reading this, none came to mind. I think you should've included examples from television or movies to prove that those are the vampires that we may come across when watching said generic vampire series.

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    1. I like your brief summary of different vampire novels. I personally think, if you focused on summarizing one vampire novel this summary of vampires would be excellent..

  3. Both of these comments are spot on, if late :-)