Monday, June 30, 2014

Dracula, Until The End of Time

   My prior knowledge of vampires or Dracula was from watching movies like the Blade Trilogy. What I've observed in today's recent television and movie craze about these nocturnal humanoids is that Dracula is always seen as the strongest because he was the first vampire. Being the first vampire and surviving for many years his skill set is much different than the vampires created after him. He's usually more powerful and tactical.
    Some of the old myths of Dracula I remember was him not being able to see his reflection in the mirror and having a weakness for garlic, which would inflict pain. If my memory serves correctly Dracula also wasn't able to touch the cross. The last characteristic has been slowly dissipated. In a lot of the current  small and big screen Dracula, vampire, trends that I find interesting is some of the vampires were devout Christians but now turned into a creature that God has abandoned. The Damned.
    I never thought of why Dracula was created. I figured it was just someone passing time with a great story and it began to live on as more people were exposed. When I read Why Vampires Never Die for class I never would have considered that Dracula might have been created by the lust, wanting for immortality, and making us feel value unlike other monsters that make us feel weak.
    I did a quick research of where it's possible for Dracula to have come from. I didn;t want to believe he came from a horror story contest. Supposedly the origins started from a rulers son. The ruler was named Dracul which meant dragon or devil in olden day Romania. His son, Vlad, was known as the Impaler (Vlad the Impaler) and because Vlad was Dracul son -a was placed at the end of his name, meaning little dragon. It could be possible that because he was known as the impaler that that's the main way to kill Dracula is for him to be impaled himself.

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  1. "I didn;t want to believe he came from a horror story contest." He didn't. I think you misread "Why Vampires Never Die" ;-)