Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dracula movie version

Dracula is basically the father of all vampires in the western fantasy world. In other stories or depictions of Dracula he is the first of his kind. In the old days he is depicted as a man with pale white skin wearing a black and red cape that lives in a massive castle atop a mountain somewhere in Europe. He had super human speed, strength, even greater than that of other vampires, which he created through his bites. Also in most versions of Dracula he was a shapeshifter, being able to transform into animals, mostly known to change into a bat. Some stories even give him telepathic capabilities, controlling the minds of his victims so he can drain them of their blood with little effort. Dracula really only had one main weakness, the sun, in fact it was the only real weakness of a vampire besides complete decapitation.

In the movie "Blade: Trinity" in 2004 the rendition of Dracula took a slight turn. He was still the first of the vampire race, with super human speed, strength and shapeshifting, but no telepathy unless to count the fact that he can see your memories through the consumption of your blood. The main difference in this Dracula is that he is not affected by sun light and he didn't look human, instead he look a bit more like a demon or creature that semi resemble a human figure. But he uses his shapeshifting ability to blend in as a normal human in the streets during the day. In this movie vampires was a result of a virus that was transmitted from the carrier to their victim when the vampire fed on the victim's.

I think this version of vampires is just more interesting not to mention that Dracula looked much better in the Blade movie than the older traditional Dracula with his cape.

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