Monday, June 30, 2014

 I always imagined a small city somewhere in medieval Europe. There was a big forest and a river near the city. City was full of common people, with peasants, hunters, fishermen, housewives, hewers etc. 
There was nothing special about them. Near their city there was a big castle on a hill. Officially, it was empty. No one lived in there. It was always dark, people never could see lights and they never saw someone going there and coming out of there. There were legends of evil creature living in that castle.Parents scared their children with this legend. Also, there were lots of inexplicable disappearances of people. They've never found the bodies and all the victims had nothing in common.
 People were blaming wolves from the forest. However, elders heard a lot of stories of ancient king, Dracula, who lived in that castle long time ago. They said he was still living there and he's the one who's guilty of the dissapperings.
 Dracula was handsome. He was mostly associated with black and red colour. He always wore the best clothes, ofter dark, so he looked charming. His sking was white as snow. He had only one enemy - Sun. His castle was always dark because he needed no light.
Vampires could see in the dark. All day long was was sleeping in his coffin, in which he was buried a long time ago. But in the night, he woke up and haunted people from the village. Dracula was very skillful hunter and he's never been caught and he was hiding the bodies in his castle and later feeding their bones to ravens.
Dracula loved the full moon, because it was a natural light that didn't hurt him. Only one night Dracula didn't hunt and admired the moon. He also enjoyed flying. He was able to do that, because he could transform into bat.
 However, Dracula was very unhappy deep inside. He never could live a normal life. His goal was to feed himself and nothing more. Everyday for him was much like another and he had fun only when someone was brave or stupid enough to come to his castle. He enjoyed scaring the victim and playing with it, like a cat plays with the mouse.
 Dracula have read thousands of books and day by day he was bored more. Dracula craved for something new. Maybe later he was so bored and he wanted a company. He converted some people into vampires, who he thought were worthy of his gift. So later he had a family and his was the leader of this family.


  1. I like how it was like you were telling a story :) Just reread and other words could have been substituated to make the story more exciting

  2. It's amazing that even prior to reading the novel, most of us have an idea of the basic setting. It shows how much of an impact "Dracula" has had on our pop-culture, whether we realize it or not.