Friday, June 27, 2014

Disasters of science fiction "the imagination of disaster"

     In the reading "the imagination of disaster"  by Susan Sontag we are reminded that science fiction is not about science but in deed about disaster and the creation of many films that has spread through out the world. Sontag also gives us an over view of the common science fiction films, explaining and going in detail what they are about. It's either about and extraterrestrial from another planet, or a monster that was form by radiation and for many reasons a scientist is to participate and the only one to see this phenomenon. She gives us a brief explanation that the hero meaning the main character and his family and love ones always seem to escape the disasters the monster has to bring upon the human race.
      The movie Godzilla is a great movie to discuss about. Godzilla is a being that was made of radio active chemicals and for that exact reason other monsters have come to life and has challenges this heroic monster. Why is Godzilla a hero? Well because he is the type of monster that restores nature to it's natural habitat. I'm any of here creatures are to bring disaster and distroy humans, cities and nature, Godzilla is the one who solves this conflict. Godzilla helps the humans if ere are in a situation of disaster, but not all the time has this creature helped the humans out. Godzilla had also tried to kill and distroy the humans but it tried to distroy hem for a purpose because they took something that wasn't theirs, an egg from Godzilla and of course anybody would be frustrated or mad of this. Godzilla in all the movies I have watched has never died and has remained living for the past decade or so. It is amazing how this creature was formed and brought to life in these science fiction films. It must of took such imagination to creat this beautiful being which has brough the attention of many of us who has watched Godzilla films. There is no greater way to make Godzilla better because in fact it is already better 


  1. I never seen the movie Godzilla, but it sounds interesting. Anyway, you do give a point about what Susan Sontag is saying about what science fiction movies are really about. I do believe science fiction movies are about disasters

  2. I think the problem here is that there are SO many Godzilla movies that you can't really answer question 4 unless you pick a specific one or two. How do these Godzilla movies support or challenge Sontag?