Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yes no or undecided. Chap 4 "TSIS"

In Chapter 4 of "They Say I Say", written by Gerald Graft he explains the different ways in which someones essay can be set up. Some ways being general statements, arguments, disagreements and agreements.  Graft says that there are three ways to express your opinion and what your trying to make the reader understand. These three ways are agreeing, disagreeing and doing both at the same time, along with giving brief examples on how to start an the different ways. Graft also states that that disagreeing may be one of the easiest ways to argue for a writer and gives advise on how to go about going against facts and to give really good persuasive arguments behind your claim.

Ex 1.
Read one of the essays at the bak of this book, identifying those places where the author agrees with others, disagrees, or both.

In "The Data Suggest" written by Christopher Gillen, He uses the disagreement approach in Disagree --and explain why. In a study done by Kristensen and colleagues, saying that lactic acid might be beneficial to resting muscle but not active muscle, made Lamb And Stephenson make a passage responding to this statement.
passage says "the argument put forward by Kristensen and colleagues (12).... is not laid because it is based on observation made with isolated whole soles muscles that were stimulated at such high rate that >60% of the preparation would have rapidly become completely anoxic."
more is said but basically they bring great detail and facts to dispute and make a valid disagreement.

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  1. Good stuff, here! But we want/need more examples and details!