Monday, February 10, 2014

Why are films for Latinos bad ? Oral presentation

Why are so many films for Latinos bad?

Written by a homosexual man named by the name of Alfonso Duralde , he examines holloywoods tendency to make " dreadful movies for Latinos ".

In the text Duralde explains that film industries are not producing "popular/ top rated " films that involve Latinos or a Latino theme. And that the movies that are produced towards the Latino community are not appealing to Latinos , but however degrading towards them.

Latinos don't want a film that will degrade them but connect with them and entertain them.

However Latinos aren't the only group that suffer with this problem of stereo types but other ethnicities two , such as African Americans and whites .

Issues that are discussed in films that are bad for Latinos are border wars and things that are happening with drugs and violence or problems with gangs.
With Issues like these being brought up in films , Duralde explains that it seems too give Latinos a bad reputations .

Duralde also states that most Latino themed movies are mostly not produced or made by Latinos themselves , which provides a different cultural perspective or direction towards how characters are portrayed or how the movies are brought out in many films for Latinos.

For example :
Duralde uses and compares a famous African American producer by the name of Tyler perry as being highly successful when it came to films that he directed towards hiss cultural backround. Not only were these films successful but these films were good for African Americans to see cause the films didn't degrade and pinpoint things about them but entertained them with things that valued their cultural background. But because Tyler perry is an African American himself he was able to make a film that didn't portray the African American lifestyle without being degrading.

One example of a good Latino film is "mi familia".This movie was written and directed by a Latino . In this movie the director focuses more on the values of a Latino family , rather then the stereotypes Latinos are given in society. Not only was the movie written by a Latino but each character played is Latino . My uncle plays the main charcter of the movie.

*show mi familia trailer *

My Family trailer (mi familia) - YouTube

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