Monday, February 17, 2014

TSIS ch.4 Research

In reading Chapter four in "They Say, I Say" the chapter was about ways of coming across with your personal ideas, thoughts and opinions. They're three techniques on responding. That's disagreeing, agreeing or doing a little bit of both. Stating in the text these are ways to effectively state your ideas after someone writes something. Just telling people information randomly will frustrates the readers. Being able to introduce the facts properly gives the person(s) reading the knowledge that you are not just replying but you have a full understanding that you agree with them or not. Once people have an idea the person would know if they are right or not, and if by chance there is a misunderstanding with whatever comment or idea the person is trying to get that don't quite get it then you tell them if you agree or disagree.

If you don't agree with the person you need to explain and give reasons why you don't agree with the person you need to explain and give reasons why you don't agree with then. Saying you don't agree without any type of evidence on why you don't agree you might offend the other person and also make yourself look very ignorant and arrogant. If you agree with the person them all you have to do is give a couple examples or reasons on why you agree with them.

Exercise #1 Read one of the essays in the back of this book, identifying those places where the author agrees with others, disagrees or both.

Don't Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko

"Make fun if you will of these kids laughing lawsuits against the fast food industry, but don't be surprised if your're the next plaintiff." Agree

"kids taking on Mcdonalds's this week, suing the company for making them fat" Disagree

" I grew up as a typical mid - 1980s latchkey kid. My parents were split it up, my dad off trying to rebuild his life, my mom working long hours to make the monthly bills. Lunch and dinner, for me, was a daily choice between Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, or Pizza Hut" Agree and disagree

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