Monday, February 3, 2014

The hidden mystery under the black skin. (presentation)

Rita Kempley is the author of the Mystical Black Characters Play Complex Role, introduces us to another fantasy of black characters. She is a film critic, who decided to write about these black characters that play a role of a saver and a healer. Most plots of these movies start that a black character saves a white man from some trouble, or who teaches them a lesson, who opens up their eyes to another world. These personas called “magic Negro”, who has some of the extraordinary power. A so-called “pawn” are the one who plays’ a role of a healer. According to Kempley black characters will always influence white people in a better way, and they will start to think differently. She gives several examples from movies, such as Bruce Almighty and Green mile and others, where black characters lay a role of these angelic and most kind people, who puts white man on a right pathway of their lives. Female characters such as Whoopi Goldberg and Queen Latifa they opens eye to the facts of life to these characters, they show them the opportunity to live better using everything they have, to be happy. After their help they begin to appreciate everything they have, they change and this influence of an extraordinary black character instills a spiritual power into them. However, they don’t always come as someone who is very intelligent and knows everything, with their craziness, and weirdness they become teachers for white man.
Audience begins to accept these scenes that black men plays a role of a God, they don’t see anyone else for these role. Through these movies we see the greatest communication of black and white, as if through out the history white people were mistreating black nation. For centuries they were fighting for freedom and equality. But through these movies we see them in a different way and they play a role of these powerful.
As a culture we’ve never been taught that through the hard work of the black people, we should appreciate them more, and these movies show us that they are individuals as we are all. In magic Negroes we see the happiness and joy, screen writers aren’t trying to change the society but they are here to tell the story and teach us a wise lesson, and the best way of doing it through black characters.

The movie “Bucket List” that is rilised in 2007 by Rob Reiner. Mechanic Carter Chambers (Freeman) and billionaire and owner of a number of hospitals Edward Cole (Nicholson) are in the same hospital ward diagnosed with cancer. Carter begins to compile a list of the things that he would like to do before dying. After learning that he has to live less than a year, he throws it in the bucket. The next day, Cole, which doctors also predict no more than six months of life, finds the sheet and proposes to implement these desires. He adds to the list of the various 'funny stuff' (for example, the parachute jump) and offers to finance the trip Together they travel around the world visiting the pyramids, the Taj Mahal, the great wall of China, Himalaya. Cole says that many years ago he fell out with her daughter when he hired people 'take care' of her husband who was beatting her. Upon his return home Chambers tries to persuade Cole to meet up with his daughter, but he only goes out of himself. The return of the title to the family continues for long-that night, after a family dinner he is taken to hospital, where he dies on the operating table. After that, Edward still lives with his daughter. At the funeral, Cole said that the last months of his life with Carter were the best months of his (Edward 's) life. In the final film Assistant Cole climbs to the top of Mount Everest, he crosses off the bucket list item — 'witness something truly majestic'.

Morgan Freeman always brings sunlight to any films.

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