Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scientific Writing- Chapter 13 TSIS

Step 1: start with the data
Step 2: present prevailing theories- you have to understand the existing data- "They say"
Step 3:Compare existing data predictions to the new experiment data
Step 4:Explain the methods of data collection- incorrect data can lead to faulty conclusions.
Step 5: Summarize the findings of the data- provide the context of data needed to understand the results of your data. 
this applies to quantitative, numerical, measurable, and qualitative data (make sure to carefully put it into words, pictures..) - you have to provide supporting information to understand the results. 
Step 6: Explain what the data means- you cant just understand the data as is, you must explain how and why you need it
Step 7: Make your own arguments- introduce what "you say" about the data and apply it to what "they say."
State wether you agree, disagree, or agree and disagree stimutanously and explain why you think that(bring proof)?
Step 8:Anticipate objections- one of the most imprortant step. you have to be ready to explain why and prove why your theories or data is correct if an argument arises. - you must be able to express why youre right or wrong. 
Step 9:Say what it matters?? so what? Who cares?

how is scientific writing different then regular writing? 
*Tone- you use the data have and just a little piece u add in 
*scientists raise disagreements and have to answer questions unlike regular writing that u dont have to be ready to answer unanswered questions.
* any claims or theories made by scientists must be based on facts unlike other academic writing which can be based on intuition and emotion etc.

How are both writings similar? 
* both propose new ideas/theories/claims
* both have to include what"they say" - explain what others say about it and then you bring in what "i say"
* both you have to say so what? who cares?
* both have to use evidence or claims to prove the claim/theory..- stating if you agree, disagree, or both and why?

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