Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog #11 - Bonus Blog

Prof. V. writing for the topic I chose which was about subliminal messages was very difficult.  It's different from the first essay for me because the first essay only required an in depth reading.  I love that I learned how to look closely at readings for now on making sure I don't overlook something as just another sentence in a writing.  The second essay was more like Essay #3 in that it required a connection to different writings.  The challenge was exactly that: making the connection without just stating the similarities.  For Essay #3, I used skills in Essay #1 and Essay #2 mentioned above.  As I am still working on completing the last essay, I understand now that the connection is the analysis part of what we learned in essay #1.  Can you believe I just recently understood that!!!  Using all these methods, I believe I know and have a better understanding about how to write more thorough essays in the future! I rented all the books for class, but I am going to keep TSIS now.  This book can really help me with future writings, especially if I forget something! :)

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