Sunday, February 16, 2014

Invisible Woman (the movie)

On Wednesday while we had a day off I decided to go to the movie and meet my friend whom I didn’t see since summer. The movie we saw was “Invisible Woman” that is produced by Ralph Fiennes and released on December 25, 2013. The plot of this movie was very interesting, it is begins in 18th century, and the life story of Charles Dickens, a remarkable writer who lived, lives, and will live.  Nelly is a young woman who falls in love with Charles Dickens and doesn’t live her to be a heartbroken.
In the beginning of the film Nelly wonders on the beach and she lost the since of time and she comes late home where is the party and her husband George waits for her. But the producer then begins to show us her past life. She, her mother and sisters arrive to the theater where Charles Dickens works and sets the scenes from his book and he performs there too. Nelly and her family meet with Dickens’s family. Dickens has a big family, and his wife Catherine, but you can tell from the first scenes that they don’t love each other. While they are all together performing and having fun, Nelly’s mother realized that her daughters have some feelings to an older man.
However, because they are all from one social class, and their job fields are similar they always see each other. Nelly’s mother is against her feelings toward Charles Dickens, Nelly hears her mother talking about it, and her tears begin to fall in her face.
On the way home Dickens’s passes through the poor neighborhood, where people are sick, they suffer from hunger and cold, their life conditions are terrible. On the next day Dickens’s organizes a charity event, he spoke for these poor people who needed help. And Nelly with her mother and sisters were they’re helping Dickens, from that moment they’ve became closer.
Dickens sees Nelly more often their relationship began, but on one had is Catherine (Dickens’s wife) and on the other (Nelly’s mother) who didn't like it. On Nelly’s occasion Catherine arrives and she brings a present from Charles to her, and they had a tough conversation after which Nelly felt very angry and sad. Since, Charles is always around people said Catherine you would never know whom he loves most his audience or you.
As all events go on, Dickens’s announces his divorce with Catharine because of that young lady whom he loves the most; it was a shock for everyone. Dickens and Nelly leave the city, they bought a house I believe in Italy, they live there very happily. Nelly is pregnant. Suddenly, all events turn in a very negative way, Nelly gives a birth to a dead child, and she lost all the meaning in her life after that. When they’ve got on the train to go back to the Montréal, their train crashes and Nelly is wounded. Charles leaves her alone as he doesn’t want to show up with her in front all the people.
The producer then shows us Nelly, who wonders around some house and then she sees and old man with whom she talked about Charles, and told him that their love wasn’t something that was foolish, it was true… We then see that Charles Dickens died but Nelly has her own life with George whom we saw in the begging of the film, and she has son who also plays in a children’s theater.
As I don’t know much about Dickens biography I believe the producer has shown much from his life. Even though he is an aristocrat and people are admiring him, his pride doesn’t go beyond him. He still helps those poor people to survive by organizing charitable events. And I think its very helpful now to see the connections that Dickens is bringing in his novels, stories and other works that are similar with the life he lives. His works bring us to the fantasy world and as Catherine in the movie said “fiction is here to entertain us” and we tend to like it.  And I absolutely agree with her. After this movie I know look beyond the title s of the movies or books, “Invisible Woman” gives us a picture of a very typical life situation that is happening with people. Nelly played a role of an invisible woman, and she stood invisible for most people.
Of course, as every movie it has some of the negative aspects, such as some parts of the movie seemed very long and confuting for me. But everything was excellent.

P.S. my friend and me felt a little uncomfortable while being in the theater because most people very old in there. But then we thought that its’ was a great feeling to be around these people, and most of them seemed very educated.

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  1. Great post, Alina, if a little detailed ;-)

    That's funny you mention the older audience; even my wife and I were much younger than everyone else in the theatre we saw it in :-)