Monday, February 17, 2014

Invisible Woman (bonus blog)

       After finally getting a day off to myself from all this harsh weather and busy schedule from school and other activities to go see the movie "Invisible Woman". This movie starts off in the 18th century about the famous writer, Charles Dickens, who's up to this day and age is a common households name from the book "A Christmas Carol" and more. In the movie he meets a young woman name Nelly who ends up falling in love with Dickens and refused to leave her to be in such pain.

      Nelly in the beginning was mostly walking on the beach, wondering in the nice setting, she loses track of time and returns home later than usual, her husband George and the rest of the party patiently waits for her to arrive. The producer Ralph Fiennea slowly transitions the scene to her past life. While the scene changes we start seeing her mother and sisters going to the theater Charles Dickens worked in where they bring up and develop scenes from his books and also performs there as well. Nelly and her family ended up meeting the whole Dickens family including his wife Catherine, but Nelly realize from the beginning they clearly showed as a couple they were very unhappy and didn't really have much love for each other. As they were performing and having fun on the set, Nelly's mother begins to realize that her daughter is having more than a crush on Charles. 

        Even though their all in the same social class as one another, they tend to always be able to be around and see each other. Nelly's mom strongly disagrees with Nelly's feeling towards Charles. It's hurts Nelly even more hearing it from her mother and quickly her eyes began to fill with tears.

        As Charles was on his way home he passed through the poor neighborhoods where the people were struggling with diseases, hunger and colds, they weren't living in the best conditions at all, but the next day, Dickens organized this big charity event which would raise money for the people that people needed the help the most which were the poor he saw while he was in thar neighborhood. Nelly mother and sisters thought that was just a beautiful idea and began helping Dickens, and from then they began getting closer and closer with each other.

        As their relationship began at it's peek Catherine, Charles wife and Nelly's mother who didn't like it on certain terms Catherine's and brings a present from Charles. They would have a little dispute that would really upset Nelly because Charles is always around Catherine said you wouldn't really know who he's loving most you or the audience.

       Slowly as time went on Charles told Catherine he wanted to part ways with her and wanted a divorce because he was obviously madly in love with Nelly, everyone was in total shock. They both left the city and bought a beautiful house were they no longer have to hide their love. Shortly after that Nelly winds up being pregnant with her first child but then it ends up the child was a stillborn from there Nelly felt she there was basically nothing to live for and lost all the meaning of life. As they were going back to Montreal, the train that they were riding on crashes and Nelly is injured and Charles basically abandons her like he doesn't want to be around her in public.

       Towards the ending the producers shows Nelly walking around a house speaking and expressing her situation and emotions to an older man about with Charles as something real. Later on Charles died but Nelly seems to moved on with her life with George after Charles death. She got pregnant again this time with George being her husband and had a beautiful son that spends his time in the children's theater. This was a great bio and great behind the scene on Charles Dickens life because we all know him for his wonderful stories and him always helping the unfortunate, but not really his personal life affairs and his last days on earth with his invisible woman. Now looking at it you are able to see the connections with dickens life and his novels really connect with each other. This movie really gave the audience a great understanding that no matter what the time period is these thing still happens today there's always good and bad things that happens in people life.

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  1. Very detailed summary, but a good post :-) Glad you liked it!