Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Improving out arguments

Yes/ No/Okay, but I'm they say I say tells of three way to respond to an arguement or idea .Yes we may argue that the more complex and subtle the argument is , the more difficult it is to respond . But with complexity comes orginality , where you response stands out and is noticed because of your "voice" (opinion).

The three different ways to respond : 
It's seems like a simpler move a writer can make but it also associates with critical thinking . It possesses hidden challenges , like offering persuasive ideas on why you disagree.

Agreeing is less simple then it appears to be, you have to do more then echo your view on views you agree with , you have to add something new and fresh , making your worth being in a conversation. 

Agreeing and disagreeing simotanously: 
This helps us get beyond our point view , validating both sides of the arguement rather then one. According to three ways to respond it "enables your readers to place yor argument on the map of positions ; while still keeping he arguement sufficiently complex".

the following article don't blame the eater is an opinion based article disagreeing with the question that mcdonalds are making kids fat. 
Disagree : the article states " I sympathize with these portly fast good patrons though, maybe that's because I used to be one of them " meaning that the fast food joints were all he can afford . Not only was there a money problem but many of those resteraunts were the ony resteraunts located around his neighborhood

Agreeing : fast food joints complicate the lack of alternatives when eating the article states. Have more places to buy fast food which dw don't need rather then fruits and vegtables at a local supermarket.
The article also states that fast food also doesn't give enough details on it's food like calorie and fat intake.

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