Thursday, February 13, 2014

Have you ever heard of "Metacommentary"?? I haven't!

Don't you hate it when you are trying to write up an essay and to you, your point is clearly obvious!, but to your reader, not so much.  Using the art of Metacommentary, an author is able to single out a point and tell the reader that they are about to give the reason to what they are saying, or clearly specify the point they want to say.  Farhad Manjoo, the author of Is Facebook a Fad?, uses this to stress several points in his articles to let the reader know exactly the points he wants to make.  Two templates that this book use, which he uses that jump out at me are:
My point is not_______ but _____.
In other words, ______.
I also noticed he used two kinds of ways that I would use Metacommentary:
"This is what I meant when I said that the future of social networking was unpredictable."  By using the template that I put in bold, he is telling the reader to use the previous phrase to interpreter one of his main ideas.  I think this will help him by informing the reader exactly what to look for so that there is no chance of miss interpreting an idea.
"On the other hand, Google doesn't have access to the mother load of your social activity: stuff you post on Facebook itself, data that is closed off to mining from most other companies online."  The author is trying to inform the reader that he is not trying to be biased and giving the apposing argument to the point he is trying to convey.  This will defiantly strengthen what Mr. Manjoo is saying because it shows the reader that he isn't only looking at it from one point of view, but from multiple.  Respect for someone can go a long way, and by giving apposing ideas earns accreditation.

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