Thursday, February 20, 2014

Film response for The Invisible Woman.

'The Invisible Woman' by Abi Morgan, was a very interesting film. At the start of the film I honestly found difficulty focusing myself into what was taking place. Nelly Teranan, formerly known as Ellen was Charles Dickens' hidden mistress throughout the film, and she is also who the film is based on. Her character seemed to portray the same age range throughout the film, which kind of threw me off at the start. The style of her clothing did take a change to show later on that she had aged. In the start of the film when Nelly was preparing her cast for the adaptation of one of Charles Dickens' plays, I had a feeling that we had indeed been introduced to our main character, aside from the fact that her face is on the billboard of course. If the billboard was unavailable prior to the viewing of the film, Nelly's behavior would eventually tell who she is, and what her purpose may be. After allowing the chance for the actual story to begin, I found myself attached to the film. Being a theatre major, I find the fact that Charles Dickens performed in his own work to be awesome, because I too love to add myself into work that I do. It gives that feel that no one can tell your story better then you. This film has shown me that society also has only evolved into deeper characters that were developed long before us. With this, I am referring to older men taking interest to a younger woman. Though Nelly was adamant about the arts, and a great fan of Charles Dickens prior to meeting him. there is always something that not only links two people of totally separate age groups with one another, but also close age ranges. Their relationship was able to develop from the passion that Nelly had for the arts, performing, Dickens' writing, and the ability to understand. Though Charles Dickens' was married with an extensive amount of children, this could not keep him away from following his heart. This exact action can be witnessed as societal norm in present day. Men and women find solace in a new individual which gradually breaks them away from the comforting grasp of what they once had. Being able to see the full break down of how Nelly and Charles came together was nice, but I felt that the way that Catherine was treated and left alone was very cruel, as Nelly stated in the movie as well. Having a ring sent to your residence to be opened by your wife, who you then tell to take it to its rightful owner is an evil doing. It don't matter how much your heart tells you, you must do what feels right. There are people with feelings just like everyone else. Burning that bridge sending Catherine to deliver a ring to Nelly at her home was when his family pretty much went down the drain. You can tell that Catherine didn't expect to lose her family over this affair, but she was aware of it and wanted Dickens to confess so that they may move on with their lives, but he refused and continued to hide and deny every detail that aired. Throughout the entire movie Nelly was denied and hidden. There was nothing she could do, except leave, yet she stayed around. I was surprised that she stayed actually since she was offended by Wilkie having a family outside of marriage. When Nelly became pregnant I was shocked! At this point I thought that Charles was planning to work on building a new family, until the child died at birth. Even after all that they had been through, Nelly or Ellen, still remained hidden. The public knew there was something going on but Charles did all he could to keep it covered. When Nelly and Charles were involved in the train crash, that was the lowest point of disrespect that he had shown Nelly. When asked to tend to other riders who were injured, Charles tried to remain with Nelly to ensure she was alright, but as soon as he was asked if he was traveling with anyone, his response was no. Nelly had to lay in the grass in be tended to by strangers as she watched Charles walk away as if he didn't even know who she was. After the death of Charles Dickens, I then understood the movies beginning when Nelly can be seen taking a long walk. She wanted to find closure. She couldn't live hidden in the past anymore. She had now found a clear mind to live her own life again, but still cherish all of the great memories. Overall, it was a great film. I would definitely watch it again.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it!

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