Monday, February 17, 2014

Data This, Data That

There is no doubt scientist for a fact are known for having a strictly professional but argumentative way of writing. In the essay "The Data Suggests" by Christopher Gillen a biology professor at Kenyon college argues the way scientist argues to prove a scientific point and is able to defend their claims, first by stating their disagreements and finding ways to answer any unanswered questions. Scientist always keep in mind that other scientist in the past and present that may have done the same studies as them and try to combine some of the theories with some of their research, and some they just didn't agree with at all or found ways to adding on to an experiment from the previous scientist. Scientifically writing an experiment gives the report more depth to the experiment and more value. Any new additions made, the data can either change the report positively or negatively and also change the quality of the report. If you look at it data is mainly what helps scientist conclude their experiment 100% of the time. Testing these hypothesis and conducting experiments determines the quality on how accurate the statistics on the experiment is. Scientist are able to compare and contrast their ideas and what they came up with during their experiment that was conducted. This also helps once results are out.

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