Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bonus Blogs and Possible Class Cancellation/Make-Up

First, a reminder that the opportunity to post about the Charles Dickens biography film The Invisible Woman is still available until either the film simply isn't playing in the city any more or the last day of class--Wednesday, February 19th.

As requested, the bonus blog opportunity for this week will be Exercise #1 from Chapter 10 of They Say / I Say. Answer the 5 questions asked about one of your critical or scholarly sources for Essay #3! The post will be due Thursday by 9am, and late posts will not be counted!

Finally, the administration has passed on that if classes are cancelled on Thursday, February 13th, due to inclement weather, we may make up those classes on Friday, February 14th! Check the Kingsborough website to be certain! It is important that should this happen, you make effort to come to class so that I may return your rough drafts and you have the long weekend to revise your essays. Otherwise, you won't get them back until Tuesday, February 18th--two days before the final is due!

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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