Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blog #4 They Say / I Say

Chapter 4 teach that we need to recognize when we the writer Is talking. We need to know if the authors position if he/she is agreeing or disagreeing with what he is writing about. When we agreeing or disagreeing or both. We need to bring our own view.


1.       Read the following passage. Does the author agreed or disagree. Or some combination of both? How do you know?

In the Time to hunker down, Martha H. Peak starts her article by given her opinion of how U.S.A is digging their way into a real debt. I think she disagrees in the way America is being drawn into debt. Because we are spending money that we don’t have. She agrees that real-estate prices are helping to dig deeper into debt. In the article she is saying that bank and all the covert up that they are using. The U.S are allowing this to happen and now the Nation is in trouble.


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  1. I think you must have an older edition of the book, because this isn't the Ex. 1 I assigned :-/ You were meant to analyze the ways in which the author of one of your articles for Essay #3 agrees, disagrees, or both.