Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why we love Heroes

 Creating a Myth by Linda Seger shows how myths effect our everyday lives and our thinking. We try to live up to myths that are we told we have to. Such as marriages,having a perfect life, and being happy. We look up to myth mainly by what we see in movies, and we can relate to the problem. These mythological creatures are always hero's and we love a hero, whats a movie with out a hero. The story shows success at the end, finding true love , or gained respect,and this is the stuff we value.There are five characteristics in a myth such as ... 
!.The healing myth - when a character has to go through a struggle for there eyes to be open to the world.
2.Combination myths - are stories with a twist to it, something you were told not to do u did , or you tried to prove a point.
3.Archetypes - are characters that come along the characters journey.
4."Mythic" problems and solutions - changing the myth of a character into a better character or making them worst.
5.Application - gathering resourced from different point of views and putting it together, to show the myth in many ways.
 Question 4 - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, uses the healing myth . Dickens also uses mythic problems and solutions further into the novel, and archetypes. The healing myth Dickens used for his character were the ghost that came to see him every night. A ghost came to show him his wrongs he has been doing in the past. How his greediness has effected other peoples lives and still they were happy while he was miserable. The ghosts were the archetypes in the novel because they came along to help the main character. Mythic problem and solutions are going to come further in the story when scrooge is going to change for the better.


  1. The connection between the two were good, its just that the ghost did not see him every night, the ghost only came one night. There were 3 spirits that visited, you should use microsoft word for help with grammar and gone further into detail with the things that happened in A Christmas Carol but other than that the connections are pretty good :)

  2. Nothing's wrong with my grammar and I used spell check thankyou.

  3. Now, now, ladies, take it easy ;-)

    AG's right; for Scrooge, the spirits visit over a couple of nights, but when he wakes, they's taken him back to Christmas morning. But Ashley's right, too; there are some sentence-level problems that were overlooked here.

    Let's keep it civil and constructive :-)