Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What is a myth?

“Creating the Myth” by Linda Seger starts off by her discussing an adventure we yearn for, or something to challenge ourselves to get.  The ideas may be different but in the long run, there is some common relation between this one specific thing we are looking for.  She goes on to elaborate on what this adventure is by saying a key factor are the heroes and these people might get whatever their heart desires.  She categorizes all of these different types of adventure stories as myths.  Explaining in paragraph 5 page 335 that “a myth is a story that is more than true.”  We like these types of stories because in a way we can relate to them, but can never have the full reality of it because it’s fictional.  There are some myths, she explains that are played by a fictional character and this enables the character to have many different roles and go through many different adventures.  She finishes up by talking about a mythical story that has a hero involved.  She is trying to show us that even though there is a hero in the picture, they too undergo many hardships and only in the end do they come out on a positive note. 

Question Four discusses how in many hero stories there is a first and second attempt at getting a task done, and only until the third and least likely candidate comes and shows that they are the one that can do the deed.  We see this same exact thing is “A Christmas Carol” were Scrooge needs to change his future before it is to late has to deal with the burden of other peoples debts on his shoulders.  A couple of ghosts visit him and show him where he went wrong and showed him all the good and fun times he missed out on.  You would think that he would instantly want to change once he saw all the fun he was missing out on, but it wasn’t until another ghost came and started showing him all the dark times that he started to change.  


  1. Hi. Do you have a "mythical" story that you can relate to?

  2. Late! But not a bad post. What kind of myth would you classify A Christmas Carol?

  3. The author uses various examples too including movies that we are familiar with like star warrs