Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What If It Was Real?

In the article “ The Art Of Immersion: Fear Of Fiction” written by Frank Rose, explains how advertisement, industrialization, ways stories are being told, and how a generation changed by the immersion of books and movies making fiction stories feel like reality. Rose starts off his prologue by talking about the need for people to tell stories. Two of the reasons being that there’s a special bond between a good storyteller and a listener who is interested and simply because mankind want desire meaning. He explains his thoughts and point of view on how fiction can grow on people. This book also states that there are unseen forms of advertisement, implying that anywhere, anyone and at anytime people can be trying to draw your attention.
One way that that story telling changed in a dramatic way from the 1700’s which is the era in which one of the first novels ever created was written, to today, would be the major advancement in technology and special effects in movies of all genres, and especially the 3D effect which makes someone feel as if something that was being displayed was more real. 
            One of the reasons fiction stories draws a huge audience to the scene is because people love the sense of imagination. In “ Why People Love Science Fiction Movies” by Lisa Burkes, Lisa says “ people also like to ask, “what if…”. Which in my case is one hundred percent true in almost any fiction movie that I have seen.
Question 4: Rose says that people want to feel as if they were living in a fictional world . I would agree especially because as I said before a huge percentage of people that watch or read fictional stories love to ask the question “ what if they were in that situation” and many other like “imagine that would happen”. In “ A Christmas Carol “ by Charles Dickens, many who read Roses article would feel almost the same curiosity to, what if they were in that predicament and how they would go about things.

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  1. Great post, bryan! You summary could use a couple more details, but it's still well put together :-)