Monday, January 13, 2014

Think Before You Act

Margaret Atwood was born in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada, in 1939, she is known as a fiction writer and has also taught literature and writting in universites in the United States and Canada. She says that the same stories we tell in books it is also reflected in our lifes. In this article she claims that debt is something that is carrier out from time to time. It has left historical records in culture. Therefore, to any debt you have is a tale to tell. She also talks about how having a debt creates anxiety in people. A good example of this is the character in" The Chistmas Carol" Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge is a greedy men that does not care about nothing else but sitting in piles of money. His job is to lend money to people and collect the money with interest. Everything changes after he is encountered by Marley the ghost. The ghost shows him all the burdens that he is carring now after his death, because of all the people he had put on debt. The ghost tells Scrooge to start caring for other people. This is the moment when Scrooge starts making changes in the way he is spending his money. The writer states that Scrooge does not stop his business. Instead he starts sharing money with people that need it. I like the way Margaret Atwood links a fiction story with culture, because I get a better understanding in what it is to owe money to somebody else. I think if we found lenders that are not there to screw you with this out of range loans the middle class people will have an opportunity to enjoy life more. I also think that having money is not a bad thing, because money is the reward that everybody wants for the hard work we do. It becomes an evil thing when we think we have all the money in the world. No matter who we hurt to get the money. It is like when Mr. Berne; when we got a mortgage is like a pleage. If you do not pay it, the lenders will take everything you have. Scrooge to me represesnt the creditors. They make you belive that they will help by lending you money. What they really want to do is make you their slaves.


  1. It is interesting to see all the adverts in the TV trying to convince us that they reduce the debt by half. Is it a magic world that debts disappear into thin air? We all should learn to spend wisely and remember to pay up our debts. Hey, the rule should be to borrow only when it is a MUST!

    1. That's right , we should borrow when it is absolutely needed , not wanted

  2. Good comments here!

    But where's your analysis of a quote from the article, Mari?