Wednesday, January 15, 2014

There's No Business Like Show Business.

Hollywood has always been known as a major corporation that fulfills dreams and greed. Reaping from the benefits of Hollywood is not for everyone, if not captured all inside the lining of Hollywood. In Rick Groen's article, "Why Hollywood Hates Capitalism", he shows how Hollywood loves but dislikes it's own business. "Hollywood is a big business that, on screen at least, loathes and despises big business.", is a prime example given on how Hollywood is a two sided corporation that contradicts their messages, but they still benefit from doing so. Hollywood is a large portal of dreams that can make or break its dreamers. People long to be a part of this amazing world that provides reality to the dreams but fail to realize they can be torn from that replaced and torn from that reality. The show will always go on. In the article Groen states, "the Dream is all about freedom, mainly the freedom of the rugged individual to climb the ladder of success, and thus, get rich." People spend their life savings for the ability to make it into a world that is not even promised to accept them. the thought of reaching success and having confidence in your craft gives you that courage. Hollywood is very selective in all of their choices of work. If you do not fit the part, Hollywood will still be rich, and you will be left to watch your dreams continue to flourish without you. Typecasting is the easiest way to lore in people who are looking to climb the success ladder. Even with the knowledge that the castings their going for are a belittling example of different races or cultures, they still go forth for the opportunity in hopes to just make their way into the door. The only business plans created are set up in order to keep the power inside of Hollywood. If success were such an open opportunity and climbing the success ladder, that is fame in Hollywood, then there wouldn't be much power left. Anyone could take control over their career and build their own great empire.
Ultimately, I believe Hollywood hates capitalism because they are aware that they are viewed, and actually are capitalists. Hollywood controls the fate of many professionals and aspiring professionals, so they do't have to worry about their ethic being challenged unless there are laws broken. Positive and or inspiring messages always find followers that will pay to witness the message. Hollywood can can say they are not fans of capitalism in a monthly series of movies, but people will always go pay to see it or search for a way to be a part of the message. Being dominant in society doesn't keep worry in your agenda, just more money.


  1. Nice summary here! I'm glad to see that so many people are writing extra posts! It's a great way to keep improving your writing :-)

  2. Hello! It was very interesting to read your post, and the way to used the post in your blog. I absolutely agree with you that in nowadays Hollywood became more capitalistic, because even they are trying to get our money,after reading this article it made me think that its a sort of the second government, that controls us for their own benefits. Don't you think so?