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The Fantastic Journeys of Dr. Who
The Unquiet Dead- Ghost Busters
     Watching the unquiet dead, the setting is in Cardiff in 1869. It starts with a scene at the funeral parlor where a young man, Mr. Redpath, is mourning the death of a female person (his grandmother). However, when he shuts his eyes, the cadaver is possessed and the eyes of the woman (Mrs. Peace) open and she strangles him. The undertaker, Sneed, comes in and tries to save him by covering the coffin but she knocks him down unconscious. The corpse walks into the street, wailing.
     Gwyneth, Sneed’s servant girl has strange abilities and says the dead need help. She wants to help the Gelth, who are humanoid species who lost their bodies in the Time War and need a host for them to possess. The parlor is built on top of the space-Time rift which is growing and this is the space where the Gelth are coming through. Both Sneed and Gwyneth go after the corpse.
     Meanwhile, in the Tardis, Dr. Who and Rose, his travel partner, land in Cardiff not Naples as initially hoped. It is the eve of Christmas. At the same time, Charles Dickens is reading a Christmas Carol in a hall and upon reaching Marley’s part, he [Dickens] notices Mrs. Peace- glowing blue and a humanoid shape from her sweep around the hall in ghastly screams. The audience run out in panic. The vapor leaves Mrs. Peace and is sucked into the gas lamp, her body collapses.
     The commotion attracts Sneed and he takes away both Mrs. Peace and a chloroformed Rose into the hearse and to the viewing gallery. Rose wakes up to find Mr. Redpath and Mrs. Peace climbing out of their coffins and as Mr. Redpath strangles her, the Dr. and Dickens break the door and pull her away. The Dr. realizes Gwyneth’s abilities and they hold a séance where she summons aliens who speak through her. The Gelth are many and not enough bodies to possess so they will kill to supply the host and occupy the earth.
     Dickens turn off the flames and turn up gas, once the house is full of gas, the Gelth will be sucked out of the cadavers. The three run after Sneed is possessed out and Gwyneth who has been “dead” all along lights a match and everything is consumed in the explosion.
     The link between “The Unquiet Dead” and “Creating a Myth” is seen when we identify the heroes here whom we can refer to as the ghost busters. Dr. Who, Rose and Dickens help to save the Cardiff region from being taken over by the Gelth. Rose goes through a near “death experience” when she is almost strangled by Redpath. The other unsung hero is Gwyneth, if she was not willing to let the aliens speak through her could they have saved this city? She does not survive- a dead hero. This is a combination myth.
     On the other hand, linking this episode to “Art of Immersion,” both the Dr. and Rose cannot resist the out-of-the body excitement and keep returning again and again.
Christmas Invasion- Aliens Arrive
    In this episode, it is a Christmas Eve and the Sycorax in their spaceship above London, are holding Earth for ransom. The Tardis lands on Powel estate and Dr. Who, stumbles out, still in the regeneration process. He collapses and is taken into the house by Jackie (Rose’s mother), Mickey and Rose. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Harriet Jones, and project director, Daniel Llewellyn, give a press conference about Guinevere One space probe about to land on Mars. This is swallowed by Sycorax spaceship.
     Rose and Mickey who go out for Christmas shopping are attacked by three masked Santas armed with lethal musical instruments. They rush home to find a strange Christmas tree which comes to life, whirling razor sharp branches. Rose put a sonic screwdriver in the hand of the Dr. and asks him for help. He awakes in time to destroy the tree. He goes out to see who is remote controlling it and finds the three Santas. The Dr. points the screwdriver at them and they transmat away. The Dr. refers to them as “pilot fish” as he collapses in pain because Rose had woken him before he had fully regenerated.
     First signal from Guinevere One shows an aliens face and Sally Jacobs, a technician, explains the signal is not from Mars but 5000 miles above the planet’s surface. The message from Sycorax is that they are demanding the planet as their own and demanded surrender or the earthlings will die. The Prime Minister declines to surrender and the Sycorax leader waved his hand releasing a blue energy which sweeps over a third of the population. The mind controlled people climb to roof-tops and stand at the edge, ready to jump.
     Jones gives an emergency broadcast to plead for the Dr.’s help and informs the public the Queen’s Christmas speech is  cancelled only to discover the Royal Family are on the roof. The Sycorax transmat Jones, Alex (her assistant), Blake and Llewellyn. Llewellyn and Blake are reduced to piles of bones. Rose, Jackie and Mickey carry the Dr. into the Tardis’ for safety and the time machine is detected by the Sycorax who transmat it leaving Jackie behind. Rose, closely followed by Mickey, face up the aliens. The Dr. follows and says he wants tea and is disappointed he does not have “ginger hair.”
     He pushes a button that releases the possessed crowd. The alien’s leader and the Dr. challenge each other to a single combat for the earth. The leader cut off the Dr.’s hand but this regrows since he is still regenerating and so gains advantage from who he extracts an oath, to leave the planet and never return and the Dr. to spare his life. When the Dr. turn around, the leader tries another attack but the Dr. causes him to plunge to death. No second chances from the Dr.
     The Dr. sends the other Sycorax on their way reminding them Earth is defended. They are transmatted  to London and Jones asks if there are more aliens. Alex receives a call and informs Jones Touchwood is ready and she gives orders to fire. The Sycorax is destroyed as it heads to space. Dr. glances at Jones who justifies the use of the weapon. Later, Jackie, Mickey, Rose and Dr. enjoy Christmas dinner as snow like stuff fall outside. It is ash from the destroyed Sycorax.
       The link of this episode to “Art of Immersion” is similar to the other episode where the journeys become an indulgence putting Dr., Rose and this time Mickey in unreal excitement, a trance. It is all fiction yet so real!
        To link up the episode with “Creating a Myth,” the heroes once again save the day. The population that could have perished is saved. Trying to wake up the Dr., while he was still regenerating, looked so hopeless but finally he awakes and destroys the leader, and sends off the other Sycorax away. This is a hero myth.    

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