Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Waste of Intellectualism

In this article Gerald Graff talks about how people's own intellect. It can not be applied to the academic work. It does not occur to us that schools may be at fault to no being able to channel students own intellect with academic work. They think that people's intellect are too small, comparing it with academic subjects and texts. For many years academic education have ingnored to notice the importantance of relating with students. In the other hand there are writers that understand this. That relasting with people causes a much bigger impact in culture. Later on in the article the author starts to talk about his own experience. He says that growing up, he had to blend in with the new community coming to town. Even though he was a very intellectual teenager, he found a way to be accepted by his friend. He started to share his love for sports with friends and to debate about it, with out having to be rejected by them.

Now, as I was getting to read this article, I went to my room and I set up the atmosphere. I gathered my text book, computer, paper and pens. Before I that happened, on my way to church I started to read it on my kindle. So that when I got home I had an idea of the article and read someone else's blog. When I finally got to my room I tackled the article piece by piece. Everything that was confusing to me I highlighted it and I wrote my own thoughts of what i had hightlighted. Then I went on with the reading. In most of the reading, if a come across with past history I would get loose and start wondering. But when this happened I took notes about the facts, wrote my own ideas and I also tried to find the main point of the readings. Me as an ESL student I have to work extra hard to write and read, so I push my self to find ways to get a clearer view of things. For example, tonight my husband called me on the phone and I knew he wanted to speak to me,but at the same time I was worried about doing my assignment. That was when my street smarts startedto kick in and I used the situation to my advantage. As I was discussing with my husband about the article, it came to my mind on how I would begin to write my summary.

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  1. Good post, Mari!

    Careful in your opening though: "It can not be applied to the academic work." Graff doesn't go this far; he just says he OFTEN don't use intellect in school.