Monday, January 13, 2014

The story of debt

Debt is something that people never want to get into , becoming like a hole that gets deeper and deeper it's hard to get out. In the debtors prism by Margaret Atwood , she describes how debt has been occurring since the beginning of time , becoming something that has gradually increase .
She describes debt to have a particular story line . Including a string of actions that lead to the occurrence of debt.
She describes that maybe some people gets into debt because of the rush it gives them when they first spend the money or maybe it occurs to be such a game to other people  or maybe that debt is part of life and it is bound to happen regardless.
The author begins to use Scrooge from the Christmas Carol as a prime example . Comparing the old Scrooge that collects Money from people that borrowed it from him o the new Scrooge the one that is giving and helpful towards others . Debt can have a affect on someone's life just depending on who it is and how they can handle It.
Scrooge represents a typical wealthy man back in those days. He represents the attitude of what troubles like debt can do to you?

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, Tiffany, but where's your answer to Question 2--your analysis of a quote?