Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Power of Fiction

     The Art of Immersion: Fear of Fiction by Frank Rose tells what the power of fiction truly has over us. Fiction becomes so real that people begin to believe it is real and try to become it. It provides many examples such when John Quittner wrote in the Time "I couldn't tell what was real and was animated. The following morning, I had the peculiar sensation of wanting to return there, as if Pandora was real." Its not only fiction movies that make people want it to be reality but novels, television and even Internet. Ray Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 in the early 50's when television era began. They discuss how television makes everything so real and that books don't exist any more. Faber says "It becomes and it is the truth." Television is so real that we never leave it and continually watch it making it become the truth. As novels became more accepted for what they were a more dangerous method of novels came out called serialization. This was the process of selling books in parts so the poor could afford them and was practiced by none other literary master Charles Dickens. A critic in 1845 from North British Review says the selling books in parts creates a dream that we act out just to be sent back to reality to soon go back into that same dream later on. As the Internet begins to arrive authenticity becomes scarce. With TV and photo shop what else can we do but ask if that is real or not. It also provides us the find the fake and find out what is authentic. But it is that what we really want? No, we want to go back to a place Pandora even though we never been there.
   Number 4
      Rose believes that we do not want authenticity and we don't want reality. The Christmas Carol is a great example to prove this right. In the time when this book was sold it was considered Christmas crawler. All this was a scary but pleasurable book that was sold during Christmas time. It was very popular for people to read ghost stories when this book came out. Christmas Carol was a very popular book. It shows how people wanted to escape reality and go into another world just for a little while. They would read the book and become engaged into Scrooges life and not their own. People wanted to live in a ghost story.

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