Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Masked Truth Behind Hollywoods Pictures

In the world of Hollywood a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, known around the world for money, fame, development of thousands of actors, and movies. Hollywood became the home of the entertainment industry, and known to be a mark for United States motion pictures. Being such a huge corporation, Hollywood sets and sends positive imagine on millions due to the amount of dreams they have fulfilled and the amount of advertisement and media they can send out. In many of the amazing movies Hollywood has made some had an entrusting message in them. This message was that someone would be an underdog and beat the “Big Corporations” by showing the public that they are bad or doing them wrong. By doing this the underdog would make riches and 
be portrayed as a hero. Although portraying the defeat of big corporations, big businesses and monopolies, Hollywood completely contradicts them selves. With the creation of hundreds of films that a countless number of people watch and spend money on obviously knowing that they are a huge business. In the article “ Why Hollywood hates Capitalism”, Rick Groen states that “ Hollywood is really two businesses in one: It’s a profit-obsesses industry but it’s also a dream factory.” meaning that it sinks the thought of coming out successful to many, but not letting most of them have a start. Groen then adds a true story to his article  and enlightens people on how bad big businesses are when Hollywood puts out a film about a very wealthy and successful ma, Henry Ford an american industrialist, and the founder of Ford Motor Company “ the honcho behind massive layoffs’ changing the lives of many and in the long run loosing huge amounts of wealth. 
Rick sees that underneath the positive messages Hollywood sends out to the public, on how big corporations should be put down and discovered for bad purposes and shows how Hollywood can make false beliefs and crush dreams of many of the people who notice them.

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