Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The ghostly Effect

            A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in the first stave talks about how Mr. Crooge who does not favor Christmas, the holiday which everyone seems to love except him. The mention of Christmas and Mr. Crooge tunes the person out and tries getting away from the person. once he is home and preparing for bed he hears a knock and sees that it is none other then his dear old friend Marley.There's only one problem- his friend has been dead the past seven years! seeing this he ignores what has just occurred and goes on with his evening as planned. Mr. Crooge is not a believer in ghosts until his friend Marley gives him but no choice in believing what he is. towards the end of the stave Marley warns Mr. Crooge to change his life style and his idea of Christmas or else he will end up just like him. before disappearing he warns Mr. Crooge of three guests that will be showing up one for each evening at the same exact timings who will try changing his views. And with that Marley vanishes out of the window leaving Mr. Crooge to close it and go straight to bed.
          In Stephen Kings approach from his article "Why We Crave Fear"  Mr. Crooge is what he would characterize by Pathos as a person who doesn't show emotion mostly fear at a first glance at supernatural. Mr. Crooge would probably be the type of person who would not have a problem watching horror films. Page 42- the end of the stave shows how he approaches the ghost in a different manner and questions this ghost who has entered his home who looks and happens to be a dead friend. Even when the stave draws to a closing where Mr. Crooge goes straight to bed he does not show any fear of what he just witnessed and goes to sleep as if it were an ordinary evening at home.

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  1. LOL, Mr. Crooge ;-)

    Nice, concise summary here! But where does King discuss pathos?