Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Ghost from above

In the first stave of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens it opens up by saying a man by the name of Jacob Marley is dead . Marley was business partners with a man by the name of Scrooge. Scrooge who now runs the business is a very miserable, stingy, cold-hearted old man. It was already dark outside but it was Christmas eve so you would think that everyone was in a jolly mood, unfortunately that was not the case because while at work Scrooge clerk was freezing but Scrooge is so heartless that he keeps all the coals in his office. To further show Scrooge mean ways his nephew pays him a visit and wishes him a merry Christmas. But Scrooge responds in a negative way basically telling his nephew there is nothing to be merry about, and as the nephew tries to change Scrooge outlook about Christmas but Scrooge still stands firm with his Grinch attitude. As the day goes on two men stops by the office to look for a donation from Scrooge for charity that will benefit the less fortunate. Even though it's Christmas Scrooge doesn't feel it's necessary to donate and the men leave empty-handed. Later on in the evening when Scrooge went home he had dinner. As he was eating he noticed his friend Marley face on the door-knocker. It spooked him because Marley had been dead seven years now on this Christmas eve so he thought his mind was playing tricks on him. Sure enough he realized it wasn't a hoax and Marley was present but as a ghost. Marley had come to warn Scrooge that if he doesn't  change his mean-spirited ways he will end up just like him and have to pay for all the wrong he did while he was alive. Scrooge is very attentive now and wants to know what he have to do so he won't end up like Marley. Marley let him know that the only way it would happen is when these three spirits come and visit Scrooge over the next three days.
Looking at the first stave from Steven King perspective talking to ghost like Scrooge was and seeing his dead friend Marley frightened him and made him want to change his ways. Like King said you have all this built up emotion and when horror comes into play it releases that tension so now hopefully Scrooge will become sane and be rid of his cold-hearted ways.


  1. Hi, I read your post and at first i did not agree with the tension part of thesis, but after i seen your opinion, I actually can agree. I did not think about that way.

  2. I like the details of the story in your blog.

  3. So both comments here are excellent examples of those that do not move the conversation forward and, therefore, will not earn any points ;-)

    But not a bad post, Sean :-)

  4. Sorry just now catching up but I appreciate the comments thanks.