Monday, January 13, 2014

Street smarts >book smarts

If you had to be "street smart" or "book smart" which one would you choose? Let me guess, book smart ? I mean when it comes to life in general you rather use your book smarts to make better choices then street smarts. But what if being street smart was just as good as being book smart?

In Gerald graff's article "hidden intellectualism" the article  briefs on how education , it to " narrow and exclusive". In meaning that education is not very open minded when it comes to ways of teaching people to be intellectuals . He tells us that if education wanted individuals to become intellectuals then they would teach them on things that strike more of their interest rather than others peoples.
One main example that Gerald uses is an example that refers to himself , telling of how he hated books and only cared for sports and sports magazines.Being a typical " anti-intellectual " as an adolescent.
Gerald also tells of living in a middle class area that included the "hood" a mile away . Where he was desperate to seek the approval of the "hoods" , which he encountered daily. This was constant battle in his life which was choosing to show he was smart or live in fear of the hoods judgement .
With these battles in school and the hoods he realized it taught him something , that he was an intellectual and was being taught book smarts throughout his life . Like how arguing with others about who the toughest kid in school was teaching him how to debate , how to make an argument and how to provide evidence in a argument/debate.
Gerald's thesis tells us that he believes that street smarts beats book smarts in the long run for this  generation because school culture doesn't appeal to them , street smarts do.

As I was reading this article and the two chapters I noticed that I had seem to excommunicate any form of communication , keeping myself locked up in my room , away from everybody including my phone. This way I can focus on just one thing rather then several. Throughout the readings I seemed to have underlined and highlighted important sentences that seem to be different from the rest . This made it easier to right my blog , because I had the right sentences highlighted to help me construct my idea.

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  1. This isn't a bad post, Tiffany, but you could give us more details of your reading process :-)