Sunday, January 12, 2014

Some people may be less book smart but are certainly street smart!

In the article "Hidden Intellectualism" written by Gerald Graff, Graff explains that street smart is just as important as school smart. To many people this is seen as a waste, however, schools should channel them into academic work. Graff believes that students need to read something that interest and encourages them to form opinions and argue their points. Allowing students to read something that will interest them will make them gravitate to more intellectual readings. Graff also talks about how sports are more intellectual than schoolwork. The fact that sports have problems for analysis and statistics makes it more compelling than schoolwork. Graff states that street smarts are more real in the world and more useful. But he states that you have to combine both street smarts and book smarts to succeed in today’s society. It is more useful that a student can write an opinion about a sports magazine article than about Hamlet.
Gerald argues that many educators do not take advantage of students full potential of street smarts. Gerald supports his argument with his own life experiences. Gerald loved sports and disliked books and academics.
Street smarts are looked down upon because they're not good enough to teach.
Schools are missing out on the full potential of "street smarts". What we need to learn is how to see our interests “through academic eyes”. Making non-academic interests into academic ones. 

The quotation above is one that many people can relate to but is not necessarily true.
Some of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs of today’s world such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates 
or Mark Zuckerberg, who are part of a revolutionary technology era prove that There are school and college dropouts, who may be less book smart, but who certainly are street smart!

The first thing I usually do is turning my phone off when I am studying and doing homework because it causes me a huge distraction and i lose my focus. When I do have my phone on I always get distracted somehow messaging some friends, checking my Facebook or Instagram and then I forget everything I have been studying. Facebook is usually my biggest distraction.

This time while reading Gerald Graff's article I have been able to stay 100% focused. My phone was off and while I read the article I took down some of the main points and based on that I wrote my summary.


  1. I really the meme you chose to correlate with your work.

  2. So do I :-) And I had no idea you and "Gerald" were on a first name basis ;-)

    This isn't a bad post, but we'll want more details about your reading process for the actual essay; look back at those questions I asked in the assignment.

  3. I seem to have the same problem when it comes to focusing on my work when it comes to my phone , sometimes I have to hide my phone and forget where I put it just so I can focus