Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rose Needs Fiction Books Like King Needs Horror

Nadirah Washington
Blog entry # 2

In the reading "The Art of Immersion" journalist Frank Rose argues the theory of how technology interferes with our ability to create authenticity. Since the envisions of the the radio, television, and internet the value in hard copy books/ novels have become seem to degrade. Although, most print books have been converted to digital (kindle, nook, internet), the authenticity of a book has qualities a digital book will never have.
According to Rose's argument he propose that the era of literature masters like Dickens will soon be non-existing because society prefers to gain their knowledge from cyberspace also known as the internet. Although, the idea of a nook replacing a hard copy book seems environmental friendly, the cyber world is constantly being hacked into and  false information is being added to the internet each day because people can't defaecate facts from opinions.
Everyone has a craving whether it's fiction or horror once the value of great literature isn't in existence the creation of a new horror film will no longer be in existence and all society would be let with is remakes of old movies. Exactly whats happening to day with films like (About Last Night, Thor, Batman, Carrie, and High Lander).

Revamped Movies Chick Below

Like the remake of The Cinderalla story Beyonce version


  1. Interesting post, but be careful to keep your summary of the text and your interpretation separate. Also, where's your answer to Question 4?

  2. It is interesting in how you get that understanding of the declining of horror movie because of book are banishing. I think that even if that happened culture will developed other ways in replacing those human craving. So I think we will be ok. What do you think N Washington?