Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Real life super heroes

In the article creating a myth, Linda Seger is basically saying that to create a myth it has to come from a true story. It is a fact of something that happened at some point and It gives us a sense of accomplishment because we can identify with it. A hero myth is characterized as so: A hero is always the person that is least noticed by people. Often something happened to them that changed them for the transformation to begin. Before any hero is up to the challenge they are insecure, nervous, and afraid. After the transformation occurs and they up for the challenge, the hero is ready to explore the unknown. Once they take on the challenge of being a hero a number of obstacles begin to show up to stop them from accomplishing their goals. Most of this challenges comes from powerful forces that battle the hero to the point that the hero is almost defeated. In the essay we also found the healing myth which talks about, the hero going to a foreign place where he gets heal and gain all of his powers back. Just like when we go on vacation to regain the mental, physical, spiritual balance. Archetypes is a important character to the hero because they are the ones that helps the hero to conquer his goals. The author let  us know that we need to recognize what the myth of the story, and also find out if the story is relate it to us.

Christmas Carol is a myth because we can identify with scrooge. We all have dealt with a greedy person one time or an other. We can also identify with having a change of heart. Christmas Carol is a hero myth because scrooge is a person not not noticed, lonely who has something happens to him that causes him to attempt to change his life, so a transformation will take place. He meets a ghost that shows him how wrong he has been living. Scrooge then takes up the challenge of changing his life and battling his enemy greed.

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  1. Not a bad post, Mari, but I think you could go deeper into the kind of myth A Christmas Carol represents :-/