Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Power of Christmas Carol

The main character of the story - Ebinezer Scrooge, miserly and ruthless old man, who is alien joy, fun. He does not like anything other than money. Christmas approaching old man prepares to meet in the work, which is why he rejects the invitation of his nephew to spend this Christmas with his family and friends, chase boys, singing Christmas songs, refuses fundraisers and reluctantly let go of his clerk, while promising to keep part of his salary.
Returning home, Scrooge sees the ghost of his partner Jacob Marley, who died seven years ago just on Christmas Eve. Marley's ghost says he endlessly suffering under the weight of the sins committed in his life. Suffering - this is his punishment for what he did not do good deeds. Marley does not want the same fate befell Scrooge Marley tells Scrooge that he will visit 3 Spirit who will try to save him from punishment has befallen most Marley.
Scrooge life changed abruptly: he becomes a different person, donates money, salary increases his clerk, moving closer to his young son, spending Christmas with his nephew. Scrooge becomes a generous and kind person and deserves a very different reputation and popularity than before.
Moral degeneration Scrooge held using either Spirits, whether naughty imagination - is the main idea of the story. Before these events, Scrooge was alive physically, but morally dead, but after rethinking the values ​​he revived his once and became a living soul to do good deeds before he completely alien. And the fact that it occurs on the eve of Christmas and New Year - it is doubly symbolic, because these festivals symbolize renewal and new birth.


  1. Hi, Victoria I have read your blog and I liked it . I thought you shouldn't have written the whole story because some people might now have read it yet and wanted to wait until we read it in class. I suggest that you go with the reading that was assigned to us for homework. Despise all that, I like the way you structured the story.

  2. I agree with Mari, Victoria. You were meant to summarize the first stave here, which you sort of breeze through. You also don't relate the stave to King. Finally, reread your writing a little more closely in future posts :-/