Monday, January 27, 2014

Ordinary to Extraordinary- Doctor Hero

The Christmas Invasion film by doctor who:
On Christmas Eve as Jackie and mickey prepares works in the garage they hear sounds from the TARDIS engine. The newly regenerated doctor who is suffering side effects from his regeneration crash-lands the TARDIS in London. He comes out wishes them a marry Christmas and collapses. Jackie and Mickey take care of him. Rose then follows and identifies the stranger as the Doctor and discuses his change of appearances. On TV prime Prime Minister Harriet Jones and project director Daniel Llewellyn prepare for a live broadcast from the space probe Guinevere one, which is about to land on Mars but is intercepted by a giant spaceship heading towards earth. Rose and Jackie decide to go Christmas shopping while waiting for the doctor to recover. While shopping they are attacked by masked Santa robots and they run back home to see an unfamiliar Christmas tree in their house coming to life and rotating around with razor shop branches. The doctor wakes suddenly using his sonic screwdriver to stop the tree. Then he goes to see who’s controlling it and sees the Santa robots- "pilot fish" he then tells rose, mickey and Jackie that his regeneration has gone wrong and that something bigger is coming. He collapsed.
The first broadcast is received from Guinevere one in which an alien face identifies himself as being a sycorax. He demands that earth surrender and causes a third of the world to go into hypnotic state walking to the rooftops. If they don’t surrender those people would be hypnotized to fall and commit suicide. Meanwhile the ship is heading towards earth and rose mickey and Jackie move the doctor into the safety of the TARDIS. The sycorax transmits the leaders of the country including jones and Alex up to their ship. The sycorax hand hovering over a large glowing button demands immediate surrender or he will order the people he controls to jump and die. As mickey tries to use the TARDIS scanner to tune into what is happening they’re detected and transmitted up to the sycorax spaceship. Rose and mickey exit the TARDIS spilling tea behind them. The spills start dripping through the grills at the base of the console next to the doctor’s unconscious form.  Rose tries to bluff the leader of the sycorax by invoking the Shadow Proclamation enabling the doctor to have enough time to breathe in the fumes and recover. The doctor exits the TRADIS and reintroduces himself to everyone. He shuts down the button and challenges the sycorax leader to a sword fight on earth. During the fight the doctor loses his hand but is able to regenerate a new hand. The doctor kills the leader and orders the sycorax to leave the earth and never come back. As the sycorax ship moves away Harriet orders torchwood to fire the ship. The doctor is mad at Harriet for doing this. Harriet says that the doctor isn’t always there to save them. The doctor threatens to bring down her government with six words which he told her project director "don’t u think she looks tired?” The doctor then selects a new outfit and joins rose, Jackie and mickey for Christmas dinner. After the meal the doctor and rose prepare to leave back to the Travis for their next journey.

The Unquiet Dead film by doctor who:
At the Funeral Parlour run by Gabriel Sneed and his servant Gwyneth, Mr. Redpath Mourns on the open coffin of his grandma, Mrs. Peace when a blue glowing vapor takes over the corpse and suddenly Mrs. Peace wakes up, strangles Mr. Redpath to death, and gets Sneed who tries to cover the lid unconscious and escapes. Gwyneth senses that she probably has gone to Charles. In the TARDIS the doctor and rose have a hard and shaky ride and end up on a Christmas in Cardiff 1869 instead of Naples 1860. Charles dickens was performing A Christmas Carol in the music hall and soon after he spoke about the ghostly figure Of Jacob Marley that appeared in scrooges doorknocker Mrs. Peace glows and a blue vapor comes out of her mouth, The vapor completely leaves the dead woman's body and is sucked into a gas lamp, and the body collapses, causing the audience to escape in panic. The doctor and rose hear the panic and hurry in. Dickens accuses the doctor for this scene. Sneed and Gwyneth carry the dead body into their hearse. Rose runs trying to confront them meanwhile they kidnap her as well. Dickens accuses the doctor for this scene but then Doctor gushes over his literary genius and dickens offers to help. They both rush to the Funeral Parlour to rescue rose. Rose wakes up in a room with Mr. Redpath and Mrs. peace doctor comes exactly in time before the 2 menace her. The Doctor convinces Gwyneth to help him hold a séance to attempt to communicate with the dead. The aliens speak through Gwyneth. They identify themselves as the Gelth, a species whose bodies were destroyed in the Last Great Time War, which left them facing extinction in a gaseous state. The few Gelth remaining need to come through the Rift and take over dead bodies to survive. They beg the Doctor to open the rift that exists in the basement of the Parlour and allow them to cross over. Doctor offers a Temporary solution using Gwyneth as a bridge to cross the Rift in order for them to posses the bodies and then be moved to somewhere else. The number of gelth was much greater then they anticipated and their real intention was to kill as much people on the planet. One of the animated bodies strangles Sneed to death, allowing another Gelth to possess his body. Dickens runs away. Outside, Dickens sees a Gelth get sucked into a gas lamp on the street with a scream. Suddenly, an idea sparks within him. He rushes back into the house, turning off the flames and turning up the gas, explaining to the Doctor what he is doing: these creatures are gaseous, as soon as the house is filled with gas, the Gelth will be sucked out of the corpses like poison from a wound. Gwyneth takes a box of matches intending to kill the gelth and herself. Doctor Determined it was too late to save her. The doctor, Rose, and Dickens flee before the Parlour explodes and burns. Doctor and Rose head back in the TARDIS. Dickens thanks them and the walks around the streets wishing everyone a marry Christmas.
Both films and all of doctor who series follows the hero myth-Journey that Linda Segar talks about in her article “Creating the Myth”. The Hero's Journey is pretty much:
Call to adventure, assistance, departure, trials, approach, crisis, treasure, result, return, new life, resolution..

Doctor who is a character who assists others and functions as a methological heroic figure . In each episode the doctor must enact the role of a hero in order to regain access to the homeland created within the TARDIS. The TARDIS functions as both a point of departure and a point of return in all the stories. The doctor is the Hero. Rose is the doctors assistance as well as Charles Dickens in “The Unquiet Dead” and Jackie and Mickey in “The Christmas Invasion”. The crisis are the Gelths trying to posses the planet in “The Unquiet Dead” and the sycorax trying to take over in “The Christmas Invasion”. In both stories the hero gets hurt or almost dies etc..

Both films also relate to the article “The Art of Immersion: Fear of fiction” by Frank Rose in which he says that all fiction movies throws us into an imaginative world and for some watching fiction movies is a release of tension as he states “useful as a certain amount of novel reading may be, this is not a mere healthy recreation … it throws us into a state of unreal excitement which we should be allowed to dream out, and then be sent back to the atmosphere of reality again, cured… of the desire to indulge again soon in the same delirium of feverish interest. But now our dreams are mingled with our daily business.”


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