Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Steps to Reading : "Journal"

After class yesterday, Friday the tenth, My friend and I, when to the school library searching for the books that we needed for our assignments over the weekend. After getting the books I had appointments to career help and other school related things. When I get home I chose to sit and devote my time to getting the reading accomplished. Sadly I sat in front of my television with the Xbox 360 next to it and had to play and hour or so to get it out of my system, telling myself I would definitely get back to it.  Unfortunately that was not true. The next day, my family and I went to iHop for breakfast, on the ride there I thought to myself that as soon as I got home I would begin. Walking into my apartment, I made it clear to everyone that I needed to concentrate so that I could be done with the reading. Having my girlfriend over was hard, so I included her in the reading. This didn’t work so I asked her to leave the room. After 10 minutes I was done.
I had an interesting clip that i took on my IPod, that was taken while i was actualy reading and took a video of what my family was doing. Which was watching breaking bad with my cousin and girlfriend very loud. i wasn't able to link or insert it for some reason. 


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  1. Where's your summary of the article, bryan? And why did your journal skip over actually reading the article? That's the most important part!