Friday, January 10, 2014

My Journal

    I should be doing this along side my reading, however, the journey I have had so far could take me to Africa and back. After class yesterday, Thursday, I ran to the library to get a copy of whatever book I could lay my hands on preferably "Reading Pop Culture." I approached the first desk and I managed to get a copy of  "They Say, I Say" but could only use it for four hours.This was not possible because I have to go to pick the kids from school. Anyway, the second book was not available and the Kind Lady sent me to check if I could get it as an e-book.
     When I came to the reference desk and mentioned "RPC," he only touched a key and informed me he just checked it for someone else. He confirmed it does not exist at the college library. I sat down and read the introduction of "TSIS" and took the photos of Chapter1. The interesting bit is that it is not clear on the enhanced page of the google photo viewing. I have tried a little and if anyone has faced this before, I will appreciate your advice on how I can make it bigger.
     Meanwhile, thanks Professor for the pages on "Hidden Intellectualism." Between the subway journeys and my night shifts,something should come out of this. "Christmas Carol" is our family book at the moment and my daughter is ready to do the reading this moment.Have a great weekend y'all.     

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  1. I'm sorry you had so much trouble with the readings. Hellen, but where's your summary and journal of the actual reading?