Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Hero!!! Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s  A Christmas Invasion episode, the Christmas crawler plot relates to Linda Seger’s Creating The Myth in a hero’s cycle. The Hero in this episode is the Tenth Doctor. When the episode begins the Doctor is introduced as an ordinary man. He collapses in front of his companion/side-kick Rose, her boyfriend Mickey and, mother Jackie. Meanwhile in the following scene while the Doctor is recovering, Rose and Mickey go off Christmas shopping when suddenly they’re attacked. They managed to escape as they were retuning back to the doctor they were attacked once again but, this time by a spinning Christmas tree. To our surprise the Doctor awakens and uses his sonic screwdriver to stop the spinning tree and rescues everyone. During this phase of the episode the Doctor is “taking on obstacle’s”. However, the doctor falls into this “Black moment”- when the hero hits rock bottom. The Doctor passes out and is returned to recovery which is off to bed. While the Doctor is recovering there is an Alien invasion. The invasion is broadcasted by (HAIC) head Alien in charge “Sycroax”. The Alien threatens to kill off half of the earth’s population if the humans did not agree to its commands. The Alien demands that earth be surrendered. At this point in the episode the side-kick rose tries to buy some time while the Doctor regains consciousness. According to Seger’s Hero’s Myth this is the helping stage of the heros journey. Once the Doctor recovers her release the A- blood control but according to The Hero’s Myth this is when “the hero takes charge but their journey isn’t complete”. Then the doctor takes on a challenge with Sycroax in a sword fight. During the fight the Doctor losses his hand and it’s regenerated back and Sycroax is defeated. However, the defeat isn’t over as of yet Sycroax tries to attack the Doctor from behind and right before he strike he is sent plunging down to his death. The Doctor rescue the day but everyone wasn’t pleased with the outcome, one person in particular was the Prime Minister Harriet Jones. Harriet ordered the ship be destroyed, and the Doctor was not pleased with her decision. She reminded him he’s not always around to rescue the earth at all time. Which brings me to the conclusion that maybe he isn’t a hero after all, because according to Harriet he doesn’t follow the Hero’s Myth cycle.



In Doctor Who’s The Unquiet Dead relates to Reading Pop Culture, The Art of Immersion. In this episode the Doctor attempts to time travel to Naples in 1860 however, ends up in 1869 instead on Christmas Eve. Nearby is a funeral parlor owned by a Mister Gabriel Sneed. Lately the corpses have been invaded by some form of gas that at first could not be explained. One particular corpse Mrs. Peace escapes to Charles Dickens Theater where the gas releases its self from the corpse of Mrs. Peace and scares off the entire audience. Dickens is upset with the disruption of his theater and investigates to find out what cause the entire ruckus. At first Dickens accuses the Doctor of all the ruckus, but once the Doctor explains they begin their journey to finding the cause to everything. One they’ve reached the funeral parlor Dickens notice the mysterious blue gas floating about. They soon realize the floating gases are lost souls wanting to be free. These souls belong to an Alien race. The Parlor owner MR. Sneed’s servant girl Gwyneth is the only one who can communicate between both worlds of the living and spiritual Aliens. All the while this is going on Dickens is in denial of what’s actually taking place. He became accepting of it and when the Aliens try to invade the corpse he thinks of a clever way to banish the Aliens for good. By increasing the gas level in the funeral parlor and set it on fire. To destroy the bridge that connected both worlds. What links Doctor Who’s The Unquiet Dead to Reading Pop Culture, The Art of Immersion. Was Dickens acceptance of another spiritual life for other than human.

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