Monday, January 27, 2014

Living the Myth with Dr. Who

Dr. Who is a popular fictional series aired in Europe. Prior to watching episodes from the over 50 year old series, I had never even heard of the show. The shows story line isn't all too entertaining but I realized that you may still find yourself wrapped in watching. The episode "The Unquiet Dead" of the Dr. Who series was quite a creepy one. In the episode Dr. Who and Rose are on their regular travels throughout time. They find themselves in the 1800's where a funeral home is facing issues of keeping the dead from getting up and traveling through town. Charles Dickens is having a public assembly about his famous story "A Christmas Carol". At the assembly one of the bodies of the funeral home reveals herself in between the telling of A Christmas Carol, once the speaking of Marley's ghost comes up. Dr.Who and Rose see this as an opportunity to investigate but the funeral keeper and his assistant try their best to keep the business' secrets under wraps, so they take Rose and lock her in a room at the home with a few of the un-dead. The bodies are inhabited by gas creatures from another universe. Dr.Who convinces Charles Dickens to assist him in the rescue of Rose, though Dickens refuses to believe that the creatures taking over dead bodies are nothing more then a hoax. Throughout the process of freeing Rose and in turn assisting the funeral home in ridding the world of these creatures, Dr.Who continues to convince Dickens that there is more to learn about the world then what he knows, and what he sees as fictional is indeed real. Once the assistants body is used as a portal for the gas spirits to take over the dead and humans alike for their takeover of earth, and Dickens is forced to save everyone with his quick thinking, he then begins to admit to the fact that he is now educated to the fact that there is more out there then what he knows and chooses to believe in. The Dr. Who episode of "The Christmas Invasion" was also a trip through time with Dr.Who and Rose. They have made a landing back on earth when Dr.Who falls ill leaving Rose and her mom and Mickey helpless when an alien invasion occurs. Dr.Who is generally there to save the day but no one can think of a way to heal him. the aliens take over all the humans with type A+ blood. They use this as a scare tactic in order to get the Doctor. As Dr. Who rejuvenates there is constant trouble happening as the aliens try to harm Rose and Mickey. In town Rose and Mickey find themselves dodging flaming throwing robot Santa's. The same Santa robots appear outside of Rose's house controlling a tree that blasts a tune of jingle bell while spinning through the house, wrecking everything in its path. Luckily Rose gets the doctor up in time to save them from being killed by the Christmas spirit. The robot Santa's go away once Dr.Who figures out that they were the ones initiating the attack. The prime minister isn't willing to discuss much of an agreement. as lead of the country she only plans to bomb the aliens and continue life on earth. Once the aliens land in the atmosphere taking everyone on board to kill and negotiate, Dr.Who has found energy in spilled tea. He resolves the issues and frees all of the A+ blood types from their hypnotized state. After things are worked out the prime minister orders the ship to blown up, causing Dr.Who to be very angry. The ashes from the ship sprinkle down over the town like white snow before Dr.Who and Rose make off on their next journey. In these episodes, the idea of aliens and their features and capabilities are stretched. I've never heard in any other fictional story of any aliens taking over humans with the same blood type as a threat to the planet. These actions link to the article "Creating the Myth". The article speaks of things that we know do not, and can not exist and how they are wrapped in unimaginable story lines to make you feel like you can actually live this story.

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